Sainte Maure De Touraine 250g.


Sainte Maure De Touraine 250g.


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Being granted PDO in 1990, Sainte-Maure de Touraine is one of the most famous goat’s cheeses in France. Its origins go back to the Middle-Ages, after goats were introduced by the Moors. It is made in the eponymous village of Sainte-Maure, in the Loire Valley, and is easily recognized by its small log-like shape and the traditional ryegrass straw running through its middle for ease of handling.
Sainte-Maure is rolled and charcoaled to dry out the surface of the cheese and encourage the development of a fine grey-blue edible rind. The cheese is then matured in well-ventilated cellars for about a month and develops a glossy white paste with a fine and firm texture and long-lasting savoury flavours with hints of nuts and citrus.

Producer: Eric Hamouma
Origin: Loire
Milk: Unpasteurised goat’s milk
Allergens: Milk

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