Lamb Boneless Loin Cap off 0.67 kg +/- (4pcs/pack)


Lamb Boneless Loin Cap off 0.67 kg +/- (4pcs/pack)



Product details:

Lumina New Zealand Lamb is aged for 21 days with well-defined micro marbling and high levels of Omega 3, it creates a flavor experience previously thought unimaginable.

– Mild and Delicate taste

– High levels OMEGA-3

Farmed Assured, Halal, Raised without the use of antibiotics, Grass Fed, Free Range and GMO free.

Eating suggestions:

This is a lean, flattish, rectangular cut of Lumina Lamb from the middle loin that cooks quickly and is easy to panfry like steak.

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50-65g- 10pcs/pack

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