Les Truffiers – Brie De Normandie Au Lait Cru 1.2 kg.


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Product details:

A word from the refiner : “The king of end-of-year platters, a must-have at Maison MonS”

Milk origin from: Normandie

Country of origin: France

Milk family: Cow
Milk type: Raw Milk
Appearance: White bloomy rind, creamy paste filled with a brown mixture.
Texture: Soft chewy texture, pieces of Black Truffle under the tooth.
Taste: Marked taste of matured Brie which gives way to the admirable presence of Black Truffle.
Smell: Penetrating smell of Black Truffle and mature Brie.

Additional description:

Rare and reserved for fine restaurants a few years ago, Brie à la Truffe is now more accessible, especially for the holiday season when it will delight the palates of lovers of the “Black Diamond”. Exclusively homemade, to order and with Black Melanosporum Truffle harvested at the peak of the season, our Brie à la Truffe is a must-try that should be tasted again and again… just to be sure.

Amber beer pairing
Wine pairing: Full-bodied Red (Gigondas – Cornas)